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# The suffix for commands the bot listens to, i.e. ping! triggers a response, ping? does not.
suffix = !
# The token for the bot; get one at
token = keepmesecret
# You ... probably don't need to change any of this
level = INFO
suppress = discord.gateway,discord.client
# The ID of your error log channel. May be empty, in that case errors will only be logged to
# the console/syslog.
error_log_id = 12345678901234567
# The path where the database is stored. Default should be ok.
path = ./blimp.db
# The folder where the migrations are stored.
migrations = ./migrations
# BLIMP info website. Required.
web =
# BLIMP manual. Required.
manual =
# The source code. If you run a version of BLIMP with modified code, the license BLIMP is under
# requires you to publish your changes.
# The easiest way to do that is to point this to a public repository with your version.
source =
# The invite to your support server. May be empty.
support_invite =
# The ID of your feedback channel. May be empty, in that case "feedback!" will not work.
feedback_id = 12345678901234567