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Bampersand Docs — Version 0.17

This is the documentation for Bampersand, a utility bot for Discord built by deing. Bampersand provides your server with a simple in-chat interface to multiple actively developed features. An invite link and more flavour text are available on https://15318.de/bampersand. The Roadmap is here.

Bampersand uses a five-level permissions system: Commands are usable by either users (everyone), moderators (a configurable role), admins (another configurable role), owners (server owners) or the bot operator. All members of higher categories can run commands from lower categories.

User Commands

Invocation Description
b&help Displays all available commands.
b&about Displays some stats and links to the docs.
b&ping Responds with a message to check if the bot is still alive.
b&leo <url> “Shortens” the URL you pass it using https://leo.immobilien, a link shortener that is very useful.
b&tag <tag-name> Displays the content of tag tag-name.
b&tag list Displays the names of all defined tags.
b&info Displays some technical info, mostly useful for debugging.

Moderator Commands

Invocation Description
b&ban <@user> <@user2>… Attempts to ban all mentioned users.
b&unban <@user> <@user2>… Attempts to unban all mentioned users.
b&kick <@user> <@user2>… Attempts to kick all mentioned users.
b&mute <@user> <@user2>… Attempts to mute all mentioned users, i.e. applying the role B& Muted to them.
b&unmute <@user> <@user2>… Attempts to unmute all mentioned users, i.e. removing the role B& Muted from them.
b&warn add <@user> <optional reason> Stores a warning about @user, timestamped and with an optional reason.
b&warn list <@user> Displays the amount of warnings for @user and their reasons.
b&warn remove <@user> Removes the oldest warning from @user.
b&tag update <tag-name> <content here> Updates/creates the tag tag-name to the following content.
b&tag delete <tag-name> Deletes the tag tag-name.

Note: The first invocation of b&mute can take up to a few seconds as the role is created and overrides in all channels are created for it if it doesn’t exist already.
Note: Currently, as detailed in #8, Bampersand cannot mute users in channels to which they have explicit write access through another role. Resolve this by a) removing that role from them on mute or b) changing the offending role’s permission override to READ access instead of WRITE access.

Administrator Commands

Invocation Description
b&config print Displays the configuration stored for this guild.
b&config board <emoji> <#channel> <min_reacts> or b&config board stop Sets up the Board Feature: All messages that Bampersand can see and that get min_reacts or more reactions with emoji will be posted to #channel. emoji can be *, in which case any kind of reaction can trigger the post.
b&config join-log <#channel> <message to @user> or b&config join-log stop All new users joining will cause Bampersand to post the message to @user into #channel, with @user replaced by a clickable ping that notifies the new member.
b&config leave-log <#channel> <message about @user> or b&config leave-log stop All users leaving the guild will cause Bampersand to post the message about @user into #channel, with @user replaced by the user’s tag and ID.
b&config slowmode <secs> Will remove all messages in the current channel if the author has posted a different message less than secs seconds ago. Used to enforce slowmode for mods. The content of the removed messages will be sent to the author via DM.
b&config mod-role <@moderator> Sets @moderator as Moderator role for this guild.
b&warn expunge <@user> Removes all warnings from @user.
b&rolekiosk update <channel_id>:<message_id> <emoji\|roleid;emoji\|roleid;…> Creates a new role kiosk for the given message and emoji/roles.
b&rolekiosk delete <message_id> Stops treating the message as role kiosk.
b&rolekiosk info <message_id> Displays the current role kiosk configuration of this message.

Note: All Features can be disabled by passing stop to their command instead of the usual arguments, e.g. b&config board stop.

Owner Commands

Invocation Description
b&config admin-role <@administrator> Sets @administrator as Admin role for this guild.

Operator Commands

Invocation Description
b&ops rebuild Pulls in the latest source and rebuilds Bampersand.
b&ops restart Restarts Bampersand.
b&hulp Command template and development platform. Opinionated.
b&config mirror <#channel> Mirrors all messages from the current channel into #channel.